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Welcome Alphaco
07 August 2017

ARTIS welcome Alphaco to the Sustainable Materials Group. A description of the Alphaco facility in Poland follows:
The location at Szczecin Poland just over the German border was selected because of its excellent logistical connection. The plant is state of the art. There are long term supply and product take off agreements input materially is principally waste rubber and outputs are oil and carbon. The plant is located in an excellent area for low logistics costs with access to deep water port, the German river and canal network and road and rail. The plant will be at a full capacity of 400,000 barrels per year from Spring 2018. The plant will also reclaim 50,000 tonnes of carbon filler at a carbon emissions footprint of less than 10% of that created by Virgin carbon production. Proprietary technology with a very efficient production to capital cost ratio.