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Lift-off for The Sustainable Materials Group
18 January 2017

ARTIS successfully launched the Sustainable Materials Group this Wednesday at The Institute for Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) in London. Over 50 people from various companies and academic institutions attended.


The day was packed with engaging presentations from guest speakers and members of ARTIS. Guest speakers included Stuart Patrick from IOM3 talking about sustainability in PVC and Adrian Tautscher from Jaguar Land Rover talking about his REALCAR project in making environmentally friendly cars from sustainable aluminium.


One of the highlights was ARTIS’ Dr Chris Norris’ launch of the group in which he called for, amongst other things, all those involved in sustainable materials to work together to promote their wider use. He explained how ARTIS will facilitate this interaction within the value chain and provide its expertise in sustainable elastomers to the group’s members to help with some of the issues occurring in this field.


Key to the success of the event was the lively debate that arose from the panel discussion on the issues around sustainable materials and why these materials prove hard to sell. The audience provided thought–provoking contributions, stimulating the debate. This proved the need for a group of this kind to create the momentum and community needed for the uptake and promotion of sustainable materials.


After the presentations and debate, guests were able to enjoy networking time to build relationships with potential partners in the industry. ARTIS received six member requests at the event and interest from potential members is continuing.