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D36 committee on rCB featured in the March/ April 2017 edition of ASTM Standardization News
06 April 2017

To ensure that rCB is properly used, industry stakeholders have convened to develop property and performance standards in a new ASTM committee on recovered carbon black (D36). Dr Chris Norris (ARTIS), Pieter ter Haar (cct) and Anthony Thornton (Micromeritics) comment on the need for this newly formed committee.

"Since recovered carbon black is not the same as carbon black, it is important for our industry to start standing on our feet and acknowledging the differences from normal carbon black" - Pieter ter Haar, Head of R&D and QA, cct

"Standards are urgently required for rCB to give potential users some confidence in the quality and consistency of the material they are buying" - Dr Chris Norris, Analytical Services Manager, ARTIS

"While we will be drawing heavily on existing ASTM standards, such as those from committee D24 on carbon black, we will be developing others specific to the needs of the many industries producing and using recovered carbon black" - Tony Thornton, Director, Product Integrity and Performance, Micromeritics

In total, 42 people attended the March 22nd D36 meeting in Brussels, clearly demonstrating the level of interest in this new committee.