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ETRA 2017 MB
ARTIS Present at the 24th ETRA Conference
03 April 2017

ARTIS contributed two presentations to the recent ETRA conference held in Brussels. Dr. Chris Norris further emphasised the need to consider rCB as a unique material. The overriding message was that the science behind recycled products cannot continue to be overlooked as part of the circular economy package. The furnace carbon black process was established in the 1940s and although the industry delivers over 10 million MT of material on an annual basis, millions of pounds are still dedicated to R&D activities. This level of product understanding is something the rCB, and other recycled product industries, needs to aspire to. As part of the pyrolysis session, it was also great to hear the success stories from the likes of Black Bear, cct and enviro systems in the commercialisation of rCB.

Martyn Bennett (Chief Scientist) provided an overview of the work being done at ARTIS in developing a process to recover silica from waste rubber goods. He outlined the high quality of the recovered silica and how ARTIS are currently looking to up-scale and optimise the process to make it a commercial reality. Martyn also discussed the challenges associated with attaining sustainable rubber products and how new, ‘green’ alternatives, might support the future predicted growth in tyre manufacturing volumes.

Overall, the conference provided the platform for detailed coverage of the circular economy, current issues with tyre derived SBR based rubber products and, of course, pyrolysis. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet our friends within the rubber recycling industry.