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The mission of the Sustainable Materials Group is to bring together key players across the rubber industry into one community, with the goal of accelerating the development and adoption of ‘green’ alternatives.

At the core of the group, ARTIS will provide a centre of technical excellence through its consultancy and testing services. Members will benefit from ARTIS’ guidance on the issues that have affected the uptake of recycled materials and have access to its latest research efforts. We will also facilitate interaction between members through annual networking events, a website forum and member company profile pages. Members will be given the opportunity to share their latest developments and achievements in our quarterly newsletter.


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As a Sustainable Materials Group member you will be entitled to some great benefits.

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Our current reports offer a unique insight into the Recovered Carbon Black industry.

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Find out more about what ARTIS can do for you with its consultancy and testing services.

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"ARTIS is the number one testing organization for the polymer and plastics industries in the world. Their personnel are both professional and knowledgeable. ARTIS is not just an outside source for testing but part of your projects team."  

Steven J. Renegar, Vice President of Sales, Reklaim


"ARTIS has a long track record of recovered carbon black (rCB) testing and has been actively contributing to the development of the industry with their scientific input. They have developed into the most prominent independent competence centre when it comes to rCB testing through their understanding of the industry."

Pieter ter Haar, Head of R&D and QA, cct

Meet The Team

Dr Chris Norris

Chris began his career in the rubber industry working as Rubber Applications Supervisor for Columbian Chemicals (now Birla) at their European Central Laboratories, providing technical support to the European production facilities and assisting in the development of new carbon black grades, with particular emphasis on those used for tyre applications. Chris joined ARTIS in January 2012 and, as Analytical Services Manager, he has responsibility for the chemical analysis capabilities within ARTIS. Chris has developed a detailed understanding of materials recovery processes from waste rubber goods and has made major contributions to the fundamental knowledge of the behaviour of reclaimed fillers. Chris is also a member of the ASTM D36 committee on recovered carbon black and was lead author of the paper on this topic which won the IOM3 Alan Glanvill award in 2015.

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Martyn Bennett

Martyn has nearly 30 years in the business has been looking at recycled materials for over 15 of them. An expert in experimental design and optimisation for process and formulation Martyn has the knowledge to develop test regimes and methods to fully deliver an understanding of your product and process. Martyn has authored and co-authored trade and academic papers and presented at numerous national and international events. Winner of the IOM3 Hancock medal in 2016 for his services to the industry and co-author of the paper winning the IOM3 Alan Glanvill award in 2015.

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